Top Ten Japanese Sex Dolls Overview

Hello, do you know why so many doll lovers like Japanese dolls? Because they are cute, obedient, and gentle.I believe that you are also a Japanese doll lover, but do you know how to buy the top 10 Japanese sex doll ? This article lists the top ten Japanese dolls, which are top-notch in terms of price and appearance. These dolls are the most special because each doll has its own characteristics. There is always a one that will satisfy you.

Number One: Tokyo sex doll Yumi



                        Don't be fooled by her blond hair, because she is indeed a girl from Tokyo, Japan, which sounds incredible, isn't it? It is worth mentioning that she is produced by WM, the top one love doll manufacture. Most of our dolls are also from WM. The price of this love doll is only $2037.

Number Two: Beautiful Stunner Japanese Love Doll



                        As you can see in the photo, she is a new arrival stunner in oksexdoll shop. She has a different temperament than a traditional Japanese girl. She likes to wear denim shorts, likes to wear a variety of fashionable clothes, looks very lively. Even more amazing thing is that she is only $1282! Buy her home, she will bring you a totally new joy.

Number Three: Japanese Style Petite Love Doll Fumi



                        This doll has the petite characteristics of a Japanese girl. At the same time, her skin looks black, which seems to make her special. This doll is only $1320, which made her one of the best-selling dolls in our store.

Number Four: Most expensive Luxury Japanese Silicone Sex Doll Jona



                        She is the most expensive love doll in Japanese sex doll series. Because she is made of high quality silicone, which made her also durable. Of course, the price is definitely not cheap, she is $2933.

Number Five: Cheap Japanese Real Doll Hinata



                        Having Introduced the most expensive doll, of course, there is the cheapest doll, Hinata is the cheapest doll in our store, she only needs 1426 dollars.She is cute,you may like her.

Number Six: Tallest Japanese love doll Reina



                        Rena is the tallest doll in our store, she is very slim, she is 170 cm. She likes to wear black stockings and looks very sexy. The price is $1989.

Number Seven: Japanese Male Sex Doll



                        He is a character in Japanese anime, and he is also one of the Japanese boys in our store. There are fewer Japanese male dolls in our store because we only collect boutique dolls.

Number Eight: Japanese Perfect Girlfriend Doll Lively Emica



                        She is also a member of WM, which is why she looks like a real girlfriend.Buy her home, you will find the feeling of youth

Number Nine: Short Hair Japanese sexy Doll Sakura



                        She is a fairy from WM. If you like Japanese girls with short hair, take her home

Number Ten: Hatsune Miku sex doll



                        If you are a fan of Hatsune Miku, then you must like her.



                        The above are top 10 dolls in oksexdoll shop. Attention! Buy Japanese sex dolls and enjoy a 20% discount, free world shipping, only today, action now!

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