Those who buy a doll for the first time must see it!

I had to consult my genre, and I was tired of doing it manually when masturbating...especially when I couldn't even have sex with the coronavirus, it became more difficult to address sexual needs. Realistic sex doll is recommended at this time.

In fact, in addition to pure sexual needs, I am too concerned about the desire to do things that real people can't do, people who don't want to care about each other, and because I don't have confidence in myself, I think who eventually buys love dolls that are interested in them.

There are so many kinds of dolls to buy such affectionate dolls, and some people may not decide which one to use.

This time, I want to write an article on how to choose a love doll.


 What is a love doll?


                                A TPE love doll is a doll that looks and feels like a real woman. Some people may associate this with so-called sex dolls. However, it is more realistic than the Dutch wife used through inflation. Since it matches the average size of women, you will feel the illusion of a real woman at first glance. There are two kinds of lover dolls, one with female genitals, which feels like a real person, and the other with holes, allowing you to attach a hole to enjoy pseudo-sex. Depending on the type, there are lover dolls that can enjoy playing with the mouth and anus and female genitals. Being able to play dolls with a lover without hesitation, even if the real woman does not resist, is also a big advantage.

-Realistic touch

                                Not only looks, but also feels like a real woman. Many are made of soft and smooth materials, even if it is a bit cold at first, if you keep holding them, they will gradually heat up to your body temperature. The weight is close to the weight of a woman, so when you hug it, you will feel that you are really holding a woman.

And the joint is attached

                                With the love dolls currently on sale, you can move freely to obtain joints, and fixation is also possible. It can be in any position, whether it is spreading its legs or crawling on all fours. Therefore, you can challenge various poses. You can enjoy it like having sex with a woman.

The biggest advantage of this love doll is that you can easily buy women with your favorite face and style. In reality, it is difficult to find a woman you want, including her face and her style, but with this love doll, you only need to choose your favorite from the store's sales page. There are various lover dolls such as foreigners, high school girls, mature women with big breasts, etc. It seems that you will be distracted when you buy them. Prices and materials vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is best to check them carefully.


Check the source of purchase of adult sex dolls


                                By the way, you may understand what a love doll is like. If you want such an attractive toy, the next question is where to buy it.

You can buy mini sex dolls on 90% of online shopping sites. Some of them are sold in adult goods stores, but the number is very small and the product lineup is not wide. In addition, like other sex toys, buying a lover doll in a physical store is also more embarrassing when accounting. With mail order, there is no need to find shops that may be far away, and there is no need to go to shrines to keep accounts. However, although online love doll agents are the mainstream way of purchasing on behalf of others, there are also malicious shops. When buying a true love doll for the first time, choose a love doll that pays attention to quality, material and budget, right? We recommend buying from an authorized dealer.

So how do you know if it is legal? By posting the sales license in Japan on the homepage, it can be said that it is a reliable source of purchase. In addition, in the call service, it can be said that purchasers who are available 24 hours a day are safe.

It is also important to clearly state the return and refund process. Malicious agencies often send products that are completely different from the photos, or products that are originally damaged. Of course, we will not list the return and refund policy on the website to avoid customer complaints. When you buy a true love doll for the first time, you may feel uneasy or worried, so let us interact with the staff through consulting services. A legal and reliable procurement website can provide you with the most professional and appropriate advice. Tpdoll is an authorized distributor you can trust!

Decide on the type of japanese sex doll


                                After deciding where to buy, the next thing to worry about is the type of love doll. Just as human beings have different sizes, shapes, and personalities, love dolls also have different sizes, shapes, and characteristics.

 Depends on size

                                First of all, of course, there are many sizes of love dolls. The size of each part of the body depends on the size of the person's height, weight, muscles, eyes, nose and head, as well as the size of the chest and buttocks.

When choosing a love doll, you must first choose your height. There are all kinds of lover dolls, from elementary school students to tall lover dolls.

                                At this time, you naturally have to choose according to your own taste, but the taller the heavier. Think about it, if you do your best, can you carry it. A lover doll over 150 cm weighs about 30 kg, so unless you are very confident in your arm strength, it is really difficult to move. You also need to consider the storage location.

Next is body shape. Some are slim models of the same height, while others are chubby. In addition, please choose the breast size according to your taste, such as generous, love doll or small breast.


                                There are love dolls of various skin tones. You can choose from whitening love dolls to tan or ethnic differences.

                                In addition to skin color, there are many options such as hair color, eye color, nipple color, etc. Please choose one by one.

                                If you choose any of them according to your personal taste, there is no problem.


-According to the application, there are various options for using Iwawa. For example, there are two types of vaginas, one is one-piece and the other is detachable. One-piece non-removable, detachable and removable for cleaning. I think the detachable type is easier to clean for people who often use sexual functions.

You can also add paid options such as heating function and standing function. The heating function can reproduce the warmth of human skin and change the body temperature of the love doll.

The standing function is a convenient function when shooting a doll. You can stand on your own without having to lean on a certain place.


 Pay attention to the weight of the life size adult sex doll


                                As I said before, the higher the life-size love doll, the heavier it is. In addition to height, it is also related to material. Silicone love dolls are heavier than TPE love dolls. Weight is also an important factor to consider when considering a purchase.

Some heavy love dolls weigh more than 40 kilograms. If it is inconvenient to carry around, daily maintenance is very difficult, and even hide it when a friend visits. If you want a lover doll about 160 centimeters tall as a real woman, you must first consider whether you can hold her 40 kilograms of princess.

It is not recommended for beginners to use life-size love dolls. The face and body are indeed more realistic and beautiful, but it will hurt your lower back when you lift it up. Needless to say, it is impossible to use.

If you are buying for the first time, we recommend that you buy love dolls under 125 cm. The maximum weight is about 20 kg, which is the weight you can carry with your best effort.

How to choose a cheap full size sex dolls?


 Choose by price Choose

                                Love dolls at affordable prices. We don't want our customers to be in debt for buying a doll in the next six months. The price of love dolls ranges from 50,000 to 500,000 yen. First, consider the upper limit of the price you can accept.

As I have said many times, the price of a lover doll depends on the material, height and body type. Generally speaking, around 100,000 yen is recommended for beginner lovers. The weight is moderate, and there are many cute girls made of high-grade TPE materials. Even if you regret it the first time you try it, it is not the price of bankruptcy, and it is a more affordable choice.

                                Of course, if you don't need money, you are free to choose your favorite love doll. Every love doll has a customized item, so please add the functions you want and customize it into a more ideal female image. You can choose hair, eye color, skin tone, dick color, etc. according to your preferences!

Determined by the material

                                Lover dolls are roughly divided into silicone and TPE (elastomer) products, and they are often sold. These two materials have their own merits, after all, the purchase must be decided according to the customer's requirements.

I will briefly introduce two materials. Silicone is a material used for love dolls for many years. Silicone is durable and has the characteristic of not being easily deformed even after many years of use. Silicone love dolls make it easier to shape your face and give you more details. You can sculpt surprisingly realistic faces. However, the touch is harder than TPE, and the elasticity of the skin may not be perfect. Moreover, the weight of the entire lover doll is very heavy.

TPE is a popular material for love dolls in recent years. Also called thermoplastic elastomer. A plastic that is often used in daily household items. It is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and can truly reproduce the elasticity of human skin. The manufacturing cost is low, and the selling price is low. Even if the joint is bent repeatedly, it is difficult to tear. It is much lighter than the silicone love doll. The disadvantage is that it doesn't look real.

If you want the most realistic love doll with silicone head and TPE body, we also have the latest silicone head + TPE body love doll! In maintaining a certain degree of realism, it is not as heavy as a silicon life-size love doll.

Now, do you have a simple understanding of the material? According to the intended use, silicone love dolls are a high choice for the pursuit of extreme realism, while TPE is a high cost choice for daily use and other purposes. The editor personally thinks that TPE love doll is enough for beginners! It is cheap and light weight.


                                Love dolls Love dolls have many uses besides sex. It can be said that the purpose of buying them varies from person to person. If you just consider buying a love doll as a sexual partner, it would be too wasteful. Aiwawa not only exudes sexual desire, but also serves as a source of soul, giving people a sense of satisfaction. If you want to buy a love doll, we will tell you what it uses besides sex, so please check it out. Read these uses and choose according to your needs.

 Night companion me

                                Can't get along with a woman because I know someone. I miss her. You cannot have satisfactory sex with your lover or wife. I cannot leave customs. This love doll will solve all these problems. No matter how shy you are, you can be with a love doll every day, and unlike humans, you don't have to worry about disappearing suddenly. Even if you don't spend a lot of money to go to customs, Aiwawa can satisfy all your desires every night. Having sex with Aiwawa can be a pervert that a real woman can't do, or it can have selfish sex to make you satisfied with sex.

As you continue to have sex with Aiwawa, you will improve your sex skills so that you can develop confidence in sex. For a man, it is a dream to enjoy as much sex as possible with his ideal woman.


                                People who like photography and often take photos with idols can enjoy the fun of photographing ideal women at home without leaving home. Maid outfits, uniforms, etc., you can wear as many outfits as you like. In addition, unlike the mannequin, the pose of each photo can be changed. An exclusive photo album for the love doll full of your dreams will be an irreplaceable treasure.


                                Dating with Aiwawa For men who are far away from women, Aiwawa is not a sexual partner, but a beloved lover. You can put your favorite clothes on your love doll, put it in a wheelchair, go to various places, take pictures with you outside, and have fun, just like a real date with her. By having a date that you could not have before, you can enjoy a love you have never had before. The advantage of the lover doll is that you can enjoy romance at low cost, because the financial burden of dating is small. Your date with Aiwawa may be the best time you have ever experienced.


                                For a man who lives alone with the Aiwawa family, some people may feel uneasy after returning home because no one is at home. You can get rid of this anxiety by buying love dolls. There is a love doll at home, so you can wait for yourself with peace of mind. I think the sense of security that someone is waiting for you will give you peace of mind. Even for men who are not good at establishing relationships with women, a lover doll can always bring you a sense of security.

・Determined based on factors such as taste and intuition

                                For example, if the sexual goal is cute or loli and other girls’ love dolls, you can choose according to your taste.

                                For masturbation purposes, you can leave that child (love doll) naked, or you can use it for fantasy and simulation costume games.

                                In addition, based on your intuition, you might think "I want this love doll" and choose it in this pattern.

                                Of course, there are also people who want not only for sex, but also for "this child is super cute...", which determines the visual effect of the love doll.

                                For artistic purposes, you are looking for an elaborate love doll.

                                Different people have different tastes, and the points of choosing a love doll are also different.


 Maintenance method after purchase


Silicone sex doll are never cheap. I bought so many love dolls, so I want to be with you for a long time. If you take good care of love dolls after purchase, and how to use them, they will stay with you for a long time. In order to keep clean, not only should pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, but also how to store it. Check the handling of Aiwawa to make sure you have a good time with Aiwawa.


                                The cleansing body fluids after use of Aiwa may adhere to Aiwa's skin and cause damage, so please be sure to clean it after use. After the performance is over, wipe off any parts soiled by body fluids as soon as possible. Gently wash the skin of Aiwawa with warm water and soap, and remove the wig. Separate the head from the hair and wash your hair with diluted shampoo. The hair should be dried with a hair dryer, and the skin should be lightly moistened with a towel. Don't overuse the hair dryer, because it will damage your hair.


                                Maintenance of love dolls In order to live with love dolls, measures must be taken to prevent the leakage of oil floating on the skin surface and prevent skin adhesion when the joints are bent. If left untreated, bleeding can cause cracks and wear due to skin damage. Among these measures, baby powder is essential, so be prepared. After bathing or cleaning, it will be easier to bleed, so be sure to apply baby powder after draining. It is gentle on the entire skin, and by applying baby powder diligently, the love doll will last longer.


                                It is recommended to be naked when wearing light-colored clothes. If you wear dark clothes and leave them for a long time, the color of the clothes may transfer to your body. If you don't like being nude, try to wear light-colored clothes, such as white.

                                When you think of female dolls, you might think of sex dolls. However, compared with the old model, the level of the lover doll has been greatly improved. Finished like a woman is right in front of you, so why not buy it to enjoy a new sex life?

 The storage of love dolls

                                A doll with bent joints or wrinkled skin may be damaged when stored. Store the doll in the same posture as when it was purchased, the load on the joints is small, so it can be used for a long time. If you have enough storage space, it is best to sit on a beaded cushion. By collecting Lovedoll so that it will not become a burden, you will be able to enjoy life with Lovedoll for a long time.


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