Lars And The Real Girl Review

In the movie "Lars and the Real Girl", Lars, a lonely single man, often feels lonely and helpless, even if the surrounding people including the brother-in-law are caring for him. One day he customized an inflatable doll, Beyonca, from the toy company, took her to a family gathering, had dinner together, went to sleep together, and went to church together.

lars can't live without Beyonca


                        The people around me feel that Lars' spirit is not normal. Beyonca is the inner Lars. He has shaped a life similar to her. She took her to the place where she was a child, and expressed her thoughts and feelings through dialogue with her. Give her the love that is nowhere to be carried.


                        The brother-in-law specially consulted the doctor Dagoma. The doctor thinks that the symptoms of Russ is an illusion, and good treatment is to take advantage of the situation. So the people in the town changed their attitude towards him, tolerant understanding, and treated the inflatable doll Beyonca as a real person. Later, until I admitted that Beyonca died, Lars, who rejected the reality, finally opened his heart.


                        Each of the sex doll has a unique identity and personality in the part of the basic template that the factory provides to the user, but it is not static. Just like developing a game, different heads with different shapes can be combined, and even the color of the pupil and wig can be selected. Because some people buy dolls not for sex, but want to live with them. Human beings need sex and need to be accompanied.



                        Today, as everything is pursuing intelligence, human beings are becoming more and more isolated. In order to deal with loneliness, people continue to invent or find new ways to comfort themselves, even silicone dolls are no exception. They gradually become smart, learn to smile, learn to use Google to search for answers to comfort the owner.

Sex dolls can't express their own emotions


                        But these dolls are not completely connected with the flesh and emotions. They can't express their own emotions. They must also be like people. This requirement is still a fascinating imagination for many doll lovers.


                        But can the doll be made more and more like a person, can you feel like it? After all, people can only tell their own stories, even if they face silicone dolls, they will eventually enter themselves.


                        As Hellinger said, “the one who must find the right person” is a paradox in itself, because who you marry, who you live with, and what you have to face is your own. Although the real society does not have the fairy tale town where Lars lives, it is only a way of life for the owner of the doll to be a companion.


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