How To Take Beautiful Photos with Sex Dolls?

When buying realistic sex doll, I think many people will consider buying not only for sex, but also for ornamental purposes. True love dolls have a sense of reality and beauty that a doll can't imagine, so you must take pictures and keep them, right? Many people are wondering how to take more beautiful photos when shooting a real doll like her? This time, I want to teach you how to take beautiful photos when taking pictures for viewing and saving true love dolls.

Model TPE Love Doll

If you want to take beautiful photos with true love dolls, you need to adjust the love doll models. The important thing is not only to take pictures, but to adjust the appearance and posture of the doll. This will add movement to the whole photo and bring out the charm of the love doll. The first step in taking a beautiful picture is to determine the sight and posture of the true love doll.


The perspective of life-size sex dolls

The first step in taking beautiful photos for TPE sex doll is to adjust the perspective of Love Doll. Don't look straight ahead, tilt your face and look at the camera. Point your eyes at the camera from a certain angle to show the natural charm of true love dolls.

Realistic sex doll poses

Posture is very important to make the true love doll move. The key to determining the posture is to know the range of motion of Aiwawa’s joints. Please be aware that unreasonable posture will burden Aiwawa. To take beautiful photos of true love dolls, bend the joints naturally, let them move and adjust your fingertips.

Shooting conditions

                                If you want to take beautiful photos of a true love doll, it can be said that not only the model loves the doll, but also the shooting conditions such as shooting equipment and shooting location are also important. Once the adjustments of the true love doll are decided, let's choose the shooting conditions.

Professional photographic equipment

In order to take beautiful photos, not only a SLR camera must be used, but also a scaffolding to fix the camera. When shooting with a mobile phone, the light source is weak and it becomes difficult to take pictures. Use a single-lens reflex camera to shoot highly accurate true love dolls.


Suitable filming location

Due to the nature of mini sex doll, I think there are many shooting locations at home, so try not to give people a sense of life when shooting. I think many people are reluctant to shoot outdoors when they are shooting True Love Dolls. It is difficult to shoot outdoors alone, so we recommend shooting outdoors with similar friends.


Angle is also important for taking beautiful photos. You need to find your favorite shooting angle on the Internet or in a magazine, and decide the shooting angle of True Love Doll.

Light source when shooting

By using the light or lamp of the bracket as the light source and the white cardboard as the reflector, you can take beautiful photos like professional photography. Light intensity and light reflection are also important, so try repeatedly to find the best light source.

Composition during shooting

After figuring out what kind of photo you want to take, make a composition that shows the model loves the doll. Please note that if other objects reflect too much, the model will become blurred.


After taking the photo, let us process the photo with software. By adjusting the brightness and shadow, find a way to make the model true love doll stand out. I think it is also necessary to adjust the color tone by adjusting the contrast in order to take beautiful photos.


In order to take beautiful photos of true love dolls, not only the model must be adjusted, but the shooting conditions and post-processing must also be considered. Take beautiful photos for True Love Dolls to make you more intimate with the life of True Love Dolls.


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