BBC Reporter Visited Japanese Adult Sex Doll Factory

Not long ago, British Broadcasting Media BBC sent a reporter to James Young to Japan to interview the famous adult doll factory.


                        The owner of this factory is Mr.Okawa. At that time, Okawa and the translator introduced the production process of their factory Japanese adult dolls to BBC reporter James Young.

The way to produce sex doll is complicated


                        In fact, the way adult dolls are made is quite complicated. In order to get the "most realistic" doll body, they need to study the structure of various parts of the female body.

Reporter was cried


                        James Young listened very carefully to the introduction and explanation of the Japanese translater, but strolled around... he couldn’t help but cry!


                        It turns out that the doll models in the factory look very young and are easily reminiscent of many sad pedophiles, which is why James Young once shed tears.


Mini sex dolls are prohibited


                        Both the Japanese translator and Mr. Okawa were shocked by James Young’s tears. However, Mr. Dachuan Guang gave a response soon. He emphasized that "these adult sex dolls do not indicate its age and let the users imagine themselves."


                        In addition, Mr. Okawagawa also stressed that making adult dolls of Lori size does not break the law in Japan. However, it is true that some Loli adult dolls are resentful, so they are currently only sold in Japan and are not exported.

reporter and his fucking a sex doll


                        After the event, netizens also talked about it. One faction believes that the factory is saving materials, and the adult model is much more expensive than the child model. Another faction believes that it is this kind of simulated toy that can reduce the harm of pedophilia to the real society.


                        Some netizens joked that James Young was crying because he found his true love here. As far as this photo is taken, it’s true that there are couples.


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