Adult Sex Dolls with AI Function Were Made by WM Doll

At the end of 2016, WMDOLL, the largest adult doll manufacturer in mainland China, launched an adult doll that combines AI.


                        It not only has a moving appearance, but also allows simple conversations with the "master". Eyes and mouth will also have The corresponding movements, the head, the hands and the feet can be moved freely like a robot. The customer can also create a personalized design doll, free to choose the appearance characteristics of the doll's height, hairstyle and eye color.

Beijing government is continuing to push China into an AI powerhouse


                        The Beijing government is continuing to push China into an artificial intelligence (AI) powerhouse, trying to integrate AI technology into all aspects of life. Now some Chinese entrepreneurs are bringing this expertise into a new field: adult dolls. Jin San Doll is one of the largest adult doll manufacturers in mainland China. The head office is located in the southeast of Guangdong Province. They are the first AI robot sex doll manufacturers to make a move.


Some problems still exist


                        At present, the artificial intelligence function of Jin San Doll is still very basic. It can answer simple questions and use the eyes and mouth to make expressions, but it can't engage in longer conversations. When the doll receives the order, it will give expression and response. In addition, Doll Baidu's database is used to find the words or information used, so it can also query all kinds of messages, news or weather.


                        The recognition of the function of the Golden Three Dolls has been difficult to break through, because the experts inside the company do not want to put too much research effort into the artificial intelligence technology of adult dolls. Product manager Liu Ding said: "Of course, we don't expect our artificial wisdom dolls to be like humans. After all, we just make adult dolls, but we will definitely add more advanced techniques, such as letting the limbs move more naturally.

Half of the overseas shipments are shipped to the United States


                        Jin San Doll said that more than 20 AI dolls have been sold, and the price is between 10,000 and 50,000 yuan (about $1,449 to $7,246), and the annual sales of all wm sex dolls of the company. The amount is about 20,000. They hope that the overseas sales of AI dolls can be increased more rapidly. The United States is their largest overseas exporter, accounting for 80% of its total exports. Half of the overseas shipments are shipped to the United States.


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