High-quality premium love dolls from the manufacturer 6YE-Doll

Premium Sexy 6YE doll are realistic, they can move at different angles, especially for sexual purposes. The 6YE sex doll has the following features: realistic labia, areola and anus, realistic ball and socket joint skeleton - moves like humans, durable and high-quality skin texture. All the sex dolls below are finished. 6YE love doll looks just like her photo, makeup and hair included! Please select an option based on your preference at the time of payment.

6YE sex dolls are realistic and very lifelike. They can move in a variety of positions for lots of sex fun.

Realistic labia, areola and anus.

6YE doll has the following features:

Realistic labia, areola and anus.

A life-like ball-jointed skeleton - allowing her to move like a human. Durable and high quality skin texture.
All love dolls listed below are available. Your 6YE Doll will look exactly like the photos, including the makeup and hair! They have softer skin than other dolls and a very flexible. Since this year, there are 6YE dolls with different body and face designs. A 6YE doll is always a good choice. Please select the option according to your wishes during the ordering process.

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